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10 Embarrassing Moment For Girls That They Wish Should Never Happen


10 Embarrassing Moment For Girls That They Wish Should Never Happen

What is the embarrassing moment of your life? For a girl there are so many situations comes, when they feel embarrassment. Life has an evil mode of putting each one of us in an embarrassing situation one time in a while. Assume about the nearly all embarrassing position you have still experienced whereas voting, not the fantasy, theoretical. So, in this write up we are discussing about some moments that are embarrassing for a girl.

1. Slip or fall in rain. This happens with many of us, but while in a crowd it’s an “Izzat wali baat for a girl.”


2. At college, your crush’s name is somehow reveled that’s written on your book. Everybody in your class sees and then you start a place to hide yourself. How embarrassing can it be, when you face him and he weirdly looks at you!

giphy (1)

3. If you have a speech and there you miss a word you can’t remember, disregard someone’s name, having no reply in discussion.

giphy (2)

4. The wardrobe malfunction can be the biggest embarrassing moment for any girl. This even happens to many actresses and models on the stage.

giphy (3)

5. On the way, suddenly your flip-flop or sandal breaks. And this can even get worse if you are going for a party and there is no one to repair. “mochi can be your savior.”

giphy (4)

6. Nose boogers, Eye boogers, foodstuff in the teeth, blemish on clothes – some kind of visually appearing things that you have worn by mistake all day.

giphy (5)

7. Locking yourself outside your car can be uneasy and also embarrassing at the same time. Don’t expect a handsome guy to come and help you.

giphy (6)

8. Quiet room and your stomach growls. Just move on quickly to the bathroom to avoid any further more embarrassments. You get the right?

giphy (7)

9. I think you have applied that lipstick to your teeth. Is that your best friend just said to you?

giphy (8)

10. Sharing something on social sites that’s personal and you didn’t know it will appear public. Lol! Now the world knows you have loose motion.




Do you have any other embarrassing moment? Share with us in comments section below and let’s make our readers laugh.

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