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10 Facts About Black Holes You Didn’t Know

10 Facts About Black Holes You Didn't Know RVCJ Media


10 Facts About Black Holes You Didn’t Know

A black hole is  a region of space time with a very strong gravitational force that even the light cannot escape from the inside of a black hole. Black hole can as big as millions of sun together or as small as a atom. Here is a list of 10 crazy facts about black holes.

1. Black holes decide the number of stars in the galaxies

Some scientists believe, the number of stars in the universe are limited by the number of black holes in our universe.

2. Laws of physics don’t work at the center of a black hole

According to some theories, a black hole is crush matter to infinite density. When this happens, the laws of physics break down because it is not possible to conceive of anything with a zero volume & infinite density.

3. Any matter like Iron can become a black hole

Most people believe that stars are the only things that can convert into black holes. If your car were shrunk down to a infinite small point and still able to retained all of their mass, Its density would reach tremendous levels which would make its force of gravity strong enough to become a black hole.

4. Dense

To pull light into itself a black hole should have enough gravity. Black hole has to contain a enormous amount of mass in a small space.

5. Albert Einstein did’t discovered the black holes


Albert Einstein only revived a theory about black holes in 1916. In 1783, John Mitchell was the one who developed the theory after he wondered if its possible that a gravitational force could be so strong that even particles of light couldn’t escape from it.

6. Different kinds of black holes

Modern astronomers and scientists believe that black holes come in different types. There are spinning black holes and electrical black holes and also the spinning electrical black holes.

7. You’ll be killed in horrible way near a black hole

Although it obvious that a black hole will probably kill you, most people think they would just get crushed by the black hole. But that isn’t true, your body would most likely get stretched to death.

8. Black holes  do spin

When collapses of the core of a star happens, the star start rotating faster and faster and also becomes smaller and smaller. But then it reaches the point where it doesn’t have much amount mass to convert into a black hole, it gets squeezed together and form a neutron star and also continues to spin rapidly. Same thing applies to black holes.

9. Massive black hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy

The one in the center of the Milky Way is one of the biggest discovered yet. It’s 30,000 light years away from us and is more than 30 million times massive than our sun.

10. Black hole near to the Earth


The nearest black hole to our earth is 1,600 light years away.

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