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10 Foods Which Are Much Healthier When Eaten Together!

10 Foods Which Are Much Healthier When Eaten Together! RVCJ Media


10 Foods Which Are Much Healthier When Eaten Together!

These products are ‘Made for each other’. Eating these foods in pairs will help you to absorb the nutrients they contain, more efficiently. Combining them on a single plate maximizes the absorbing power of your body for the greatest utilization of minerals and vitamins.

We have researched over these products and we guarantee that these foods, when eaten together, will offer you some amazing health benefits, also share this ‘Nutritious’ article with your friends.

Here’s the list of those:

1. Apple & Dark Chocolate

These products when combined improve immunity, stimulating brain activity, heart and blood vessels and cut the risk of cancer.


2. Avocado & Spinach

Spinach has vitamin A and lutein, but these will have great effects on your health when combined with the useful vegetable fats found in avocados. Having them together will make your digestive system to improve dramatically!


3. Green Tea & Lemon

If you add a lemon to green tea the vitamin C will increase the tea’s effect several times over.


4. Parsley & Lemon

Parsley goes very well with citric acid which is contained in lemons. This improves absorption of vitamin C into the bloodstream.


5. Wild Rice & Garlic

The body absorbs more Iron and Zinc if Wild rice are cooked with Garlic.


6. Strawberry & Whole Grain Flakes

Vitamin B & C can be more efficiently absorbed if strawberry is eaten with whole grain flakes.


7. Tofu & Bell Pepper

Bell peppers have more Vitamin C than oranges and increase the absorbing capacity of non-heme iron.


8. Tomato & Olive Oil

When consumed together, the fats and lycopene get absorbed by the body very efficiently.


9. Oatmeal & Orange Juice

These are a source of phenols. They improve the digestive system and help to clear the body of waste.


10. Vegetables & Yoghurt

The fiber contained in vegetables will help your body to absorb calcium present in yoghurt.


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