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10 Funny Reasons That Girls Give To Go For Shopping


10 Funny Reasons That Girls Give To Go For Shopping

Who doesn’t love going for shopping; I mean I’m just talking about women. We women are never satisfied with our clothes and other things, we’ll always find a way to step our leg forward for shopping. No matter what is the count of your total pair of jeans, t-shirts, jackets, dresses or skirts you will never have that perfect dress for the coming party. Party is one of the reasons for shopping; there are many other silly reasons that every woman gives to go for shopping. Adding a cherry on the cake, technology has made it so simple on counterpart of women that they can just shop at just a click of a mouse in seconds. What matters is shopping, whether it is a street side, a mall or grabbing clothes from those discounted shopping websites. Just try to ask a woman her reason to shop, most of the time it would be funny and leave you laughing, let’s check some of them here.
1.Women with their favorite excuses “I’m not in a good mood so just want to freak out with shopping’; I really have to think, was that really a valid reason.
2.‘We reached an hour early from the movie timing so we thought to shop’. Girls, I tell you they can never be on time when it is really important, but shopping makes this come true.
3.‘I just feel I can contribute to increase the sale of this shop’ I’m sure you would have surely heard this dialogue from many silly girls.
5.‘My friend and my mom are shopping, it would be my privilege to extend my help in their shopping. I’m shopping too.’
6.You friends get a new tank top, and you automatically feel the thirst of a tank top in your wardrobe. You will find ways to find cooler outfits for yourself
7.Unfortunately it is the mistake of the carpenter who made your cupboard spacious, which made you feel the need for your dresses.
8.Got a new job? So? I mean why a new set of dresses for the first day? Okay fine, this is valid reasons for all girls over here.
9.‘I love blue and all my blues are old now so I need some more pair of blues ’ I say you after blue there will be some other favourite colour of a woman.
10.There is a serious intention of shopping behind ‘just trying emotion’ of   a lady. She will work hard to give a new try with the clothes.

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