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10 Good Reasons To Date A UP Girl


10 Good Reasons To Date A UP Girl

Girls are girls, no matter which state they belong to, or what caste is theirs. Just know one thing- Respect women as long as they are within the boundary, and that bounday shall not be demarcated by anyone but the woman herself.

1. They are attractive as hell, you won’t be able to resist, but on the other hand, she would never let you touch her, unless you promise to marry. (Indian Sanskar and commitments, just like your parents want 😀 ) UP girls are extrovert initially, but once you win their trust, they would eat your brain. YES. they talk. A LOT.

Tamil actress swathi spicy stills (4)

2. They cook amazing food, especially if they live in Lucknow, which is famous for it’s cuisine. Don’t make their looks deceive you. Underneath that diva, lies a cook. And a good one.


3. They have got the brains and the wits and the bravado, and not to forget the humor. They will make you laugh all day. And for that matter, you will never be “DEPRESSED” 😀


4. They re so god at bargaining and taking away complimentary gifts. It’s fun going shopping with UP girls. 500 k chiz ko 50 me lekar ayengi  😀


5. They are naive yet brilliant and very clever, which will make you fall deeper in love because clever is in. 😉


6. If you are planing to get married, consider a girl from UP (if you at all plan). These girls are a mix of intro – extro, hot – cold and a perfect marriage material, the one you’re mom has been asking for.


7. Thee are homely as well has fashionable, but they would never flaunt about it. Modest and down to earth these girls are


8. They are the knowledge bank. You cannot argue with a UP Girl, as you’d lose the battle. Prevention is better than cure right??

M_Id_85380_couple (1)

9. Though they are good at arguing, but they never forget their tehzeeb. They know their limits and that makes them the “Shaan-e-UP”

10. These girls are very soft spoken, but when it comes to their dignity, they forget all their tehzeeb and……………………..”IT’S SHOW-TIME”


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