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10 Indian Phone Habits That We Absolutely Hate


10 Indian Phone Habits That We Absolutely Hate

Do you know what irritates a lot? Indian phone Habits! There are many bizarre and weird things that are really irritating and we absolutely hate. In this post, we have brought some Indian phone habits that we hate the most.

1. Talking loud on phone each and every time is the most common problem with every Indian.
giphy (1)

2. Indians are obsessed Taking selfies every now and then irrespective of where they are standing.


3. Have you observed some people speaking on phone when they get a distance call?


4. What makes an Indians chat while walking or driving?


5. Do you really need to talk when you are in loo?


6. Those weird loud shouting music ringtones vibrating in public.


7. The charger woes are most common with all the Indians. Am I Right?


8. Who’s this? The most common question asked by any Indian after receiving a msg or call from an unknown person.


9. For Indians what works anytime and anywhere is Playing Candy Crush.


10. Few unknown caller don’t want to tell their name ever after you ask them 100 times.


Have you come across such Indian with such weird phone habit? Do comment in the box and let us know.

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