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10 Memes Of What Goes On In A Day Is Something Everyone Can Relate To


10 Memes Of What Goes On In A Day Is Something Everyone Can Relate To

In India, you get tons of things you would never like to have. Taking an example of Lauki ki sabzi which every youngster hates but every mom loves. Many things happen in a day which includes bunking classes, canteen parties etc.

Here is a list of things those things that everyone can relate to.

1. When Mom Wakes You Up Early For No Reason


2. Starts The New Day With Fresh Lauki Ki Sabzee Like She Does Always


3. Asking Dad For Money & He Gives You This Look, You Know The Rest

modi dad's reaction new phone

4. Traffic & India, Much Better Love Story Than Twilight


5. Talents = Sleeping In The Class


6. Yes, Got It Ma’am, Got The Headache Like Always


7. You Didn’t Get Money From Dad But You Have To Give Treat To Mates, Think-Think!!

Use The Dialogue & Go Washing Hands When You Got To Pay The Bill


8. Surprise Test Is Something Surprisingly freighting


9. Lauki Again & You’re Going To A Restaurant & That’s Final!!


10. Night Chats & Parents


This happens with about everyone. Do not forget to share and let us know your views about the article by writing in the comments section below.

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