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10 Of The Craziest And Weirdest Internet Challenges That Went Viral


10 Of The Craziest And Weirdest Internet Challenges That Went Viral

Social media has its set of pros and cons, we’ll admit. But with these internet challenges going viral, we can’t decide if this is a pro or a con.

For instance, challenges like the Kiki challenge can be fun to watch on the internet, but they can be stretched to a point where they become dangerous for all those involved.

Below, we’ve got a list of the craziest and strangest internet challenges that became viral. Check it out:

1. Kiki Challenge

The Kiki challenge began with Drake’s song, “Kiki, do you love me?” becoming viral. In this challenge, people had to dance to the song while being filmed from a moving vehicle.

2. Kylie Lip Challenge

This particular challenge was picked up by teens who wanted to have fuller, swollen lips like Kylie Jenner. They would put their mouth inside a small container and suck out the air. It proved to be quite dangerous.

3. Oh Na Na Na TikTok Dance Challenge

This was a simple dance challenge where participants had to dance to the song “Oh Na, Na, Na” and they could show off some crazy moves.

4. Nillu Nillu Challenge

This particular challenge had people jumping in front of moving cars, and created quite a stir on the streets.

5. Falling Stars Challenge

In this challenge, people could be going about their daily routines one moment, and be lying flat on the ground in the next. Extremely weird, but really entertaining.

6. Momo Challenge

If you remember, the Momo challenge was a lighter version of the Blue Whale game and instigated teenagers to undertake decisions which could be potentially harmful and even fatal.

7. Break The Beard Challenge

Several celebs like Zaheer Khan and Suresh Raina tried the challenge, where they had to chop off their beards.

8. Tide Pod Challenge

The weird tide pod challenge had teenagers swallow the tide pods which are sold in the market. These are basically tiny pods containing detergent.

9. Ice Bucket Challenge

This was a fun one, where you would have a friend empty a bucket full of ice water on your head. If done with consent, this can be quite fun to watch.

10. Mannequin Challenge

In this challenge, people had to remain absolutely frozen in their positions while being filmed on camera.

Have you tried any of these?

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