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10 Photos That Will Make You Believe Humanity Still Exists


10 Photos That Will Make You Believe Humanity Still Exists

We are always complaining about the negative things around us and we often forget that everything in this world is balanced. There are good deeds and there are bad deeds. It is noticed that we often like to read and know more about the negative things, but sometimes we all need a little sunshine to survive this dog eat dog world. Here is a list of photos that will make you believe that there are people who made others smile.

1. Young girl sells her toys to donate the money to a local animal shelter.

2. Two guys save life of a drowning lamb.

3. Window washers dress up like superheros to clean a children’s hospital in Le Bonheur.

4. Jacquelin helps a disabled man drink water in a marathon.

5. A marine is found feeding a cat, in the middle of the war in Korea.

6. This grandson made her grandmother smile when he wore a gown in the hospital because she was too embarrassed to wear it.

7. An old man had a heart attack, while shoveling snow. Paramedics took him to the hospital, returned to his place and completed the job.

8. People Built Swings For Children In Wheelchairs

9. Man gives out his own shoes to a homeless girl on a hot day.

10. A wall in Peshwar was dedicated to people who could not buy clothes. You can take and leave clothing items from this wall.

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