10 Popular Brand Names That You’ve Pronounced Wrong All Your Life. Here’s The Real Pronunciation

We all are crazy for brands and love to consume only branded products in our life. While we all run behind popular brands and feel proud to consume what they make, it’s funny that we don’t know how exactly to pronounce their name.

You will wonder but there’s a long list of brand names which people don’t pronounce properly.

Here we bring you a list of popular brand names and how to pronounce them properly. Have a look and update your knowledge base. Don’t forget to flaunt this knowledge in front of your friends later 🙂

1. Nutella

How people pronounce: nuh-tell-uh

Real pronunciation: new-tell-uh

2. Hyundai

How people pronounce: hi-un-dye

Real pronunciation: hun-day

3. Nike

How people pronounce: nyke

Real pronunciation: ni-key


How people pronounce: lam-bor-gini

Real pronunciation: lam-bor-gee-nee

5. Adobe

How people pronounce: ah-dobe

Real pronunciation: ah-doh-bee

6. Louis Vuitton

How people pronounce: loo-iss vee-ton

Real pronunciation: loo-ee-vi-ton

7. Huawei

How people pronounce: hugh-ah-way

Real pronunciation: wah-way

8. Renault

How people pronounce: ren-olt

Real pronunciation: ren-oh

9. Chevrolet

How people pronounce: shev-ro-let

Real pronunciation: shev-ro-lay

10. Tag Heuer

How people pronounce: tag hew-air

Real pronunciation: tag haw-yer

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