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10 Problems Only Girls Who Have Conservative Parents Will Understand


10 Problems Only Girls Who Have Conservative Parents Will Understand

If your parents are conservative then it’s no big deal. Why? Because most of the Indian parents are when it comes to raising a girl. Parents put a lot of restrictions on their daughters thinking that if their daughter gets too much exposure, she might turn out to be a “bad girl” or perhaps “too smart”. What they don’t understand is that putting too much restriction on a child isn’t gonna stop him/her from doing those things but it will encourage them to do it. And that’s exactly what happens. So, here are few most common problems that girls who have conservative parents face.

1. No sleep overs

giphy (19)
2. Can’t go on trips with friends

giphy (7)
3. You are forced to make excuses and lie because parents don’t understand us.


giphy (20)

4. And when your lie gets caught!

giphy (14)
5. Can’t wear short clothes

giphy (16)

6. When your parents tell you that you can’t hang out with male friends, you’d be like

giphy (12)

But you are still gonna do what you want to

giphy (18)
7. Strict curfew after evening

giphy (6)
8. Have to take permission even if you want to go out for 10-20 minutes

giphy (11)


giphy (10)
10. Parents never stop lecturing you about inter caste marriage, boys or male friends, rape cases, government job, etc.

giphy (9)

Do you think we missed something? Any other “taane” or dialogues that conservative parents say you want to tell us? Then, comment below.

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