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10 Qualities Of Men That Women Are Jealous Of!!

10 Qualities Of Men That Women Are Jealous Of!! RVCJ Media


10 Qualities Of Men That Women Are Jealous Of!!

Yeah! There are many things which men have but women don’t. These simply make a women feel jealous.

Here Are Some.

1. Can Go Topless In Public

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Men don’t to cover up their top, They just can roam around wearing only an underwear.

2. “Jugaadu Nature”

10 Qualities Of Men That Women Are Jealous Of!! RVCJ Media

Their ability, creativity to fix up anything and about everything by their own makes a women feel jealous as she can’t do the same.

3. Ability To Crack Jokes Even In Hard Times


Yes! They just don’t care, not giving a damn about the life, how its going doesn’t matter to them, they will continue to crack silly jokes.

4. Exam! “Don’t Worry, We’ll Crack It

Not studying like the way women do, late night studies and all but still getting same or more marks.

5. Forgiving Easily!

Men usually forgive easily compared to women, which makes them better in friendship and if you are better at something from a woman, she will just be jealous.

6. Not Caring About Anything Even An Earthquake, When It Comes To Sleeping


Sleep to a man is just like shopping to a woman, nobody can make a difference to it, doesn’t matter even its an earthquake or something like that, a man will wake up when he wants

7. Natural Gamers

Men are born gamers, they will not let any women to win easily!

8. Ageing Gracefully

Men get more mature and show up a less attitude with ageing, the act of maturity just makes women feel jealous of him.

9. Ability To Get Ready Quickly

Men don’t take much time to get ready, they don’t need any makeup too.

10. No Need Of Waxing

Seriously! waxing for a woman is painful, but men don’t need, they can grow hair.

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