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10 Rare Birth Diseases That You Have Never Heard Of

10 Rare Birth Diseases That You Have Never Heard Of RVCJ Media


10 Rare Birth Diseases That You Have Never Heard Of

1. Anencephaly.

This frog looking child only lived for half an hour after his birth. This child was suffering from anencephaly and was born in Charikot, Nepal.

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2. Craniopagus Parasiticus.

Sisters were born with their heads attached, but one only with a upper head. The other head was able to blink her eyes and smile too. This condition is known as Craniopagus Parasiticus.

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3. Cyclopia.

This child was born without mouth and nose and he immediately died because of suffocation. He had a single eye with two pupils. Maybe this is related to one eyed-cyclopes that we have heard in myth.

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4. Ectopia Cordis.

This is rare condition in which the heart of the child is outside his body which leaves them highly vulnerable to infection and harm. This rare condition is called Ectopia Cordis.

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5. Congenital Arhinia.

This girl was born in Alabama without nasal passages or sinus cavities. This makes her difficult to breath, especially while milking. Her mother called her a “a perfect miracle baby”.

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6. Epidermolysis Bullosa.

This condition is incurable. It leaves the skin full of open sores or without skin in some places.

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7. Harlequin-Type Ichthyosis.

These diseases are very difficult to see. This baby was called alien baby as he had blood red eyes and tiger stripes on his body.

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8. Lamellar Ichthyosis.

This young boy was born in china and had pores in his skin, which resulted in the development of fish like scales. The locals called him fish boy. This condition is called Lamellar Ichthyosis.

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9. Polymelia.

This boy was born with four legs and four hands in India. Many thought this baby had something related to religious significance.

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10. Hydrocephalus.

This is very painful disease in which the child’s head enlarged to 94 centimeters in circumference. The child has to undergo surgery many times.

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