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10 Reasons Why School Friends Are Friends For A Lifetime

10 Reasons Why School Friends Are Friends For A Lifetime RVCJ Media


10 Reasons Why School Friends Are Friends For A Lifetime

Undoubtedly, school life is the best phase of our life for which we always yearn all the way through. But at the same time, it’s also true that school days can’t come back once again in our lives; however, we are blessed with wonderful friends who cherish and enliven memories of our school time. That’s why; these friends are called the friends of a lifetime. Below I have shared why I feel it…

1. We were like hands and gloves

We had been with our school friends during one of the toughest stages of our life when we badly needed someone to share our feelings with as well as required emotional support to cope with physical and hormonal changes taking place in our body.


2. Unconditional friends with whom we could share even the weirdest and useless talks without pondering even for a second what they would think about us

We shared the best time of our life, discussing even the trivial things with extreme excitement. However, it would not be an easy deal to find such good friends after school. Thus, they give our life a stimulating start and as we know, a revitalizing and inspiring early start boosts up our future for ever.


3. Friends who eat together stay together for more time

As we shared our tiffins, we developed a bond of unity which keeps us closer for a longer period of time.


4. They are like family

As our friendship is formed largely in childhood, our parents know our friends and their parents much better, so it’s like a family acquaintance that lasts, sometimes, for generations.

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5. They are good at keeping secrets

They know about most of your secrets like your first crush, your liking for your teacher or a class mate, your worst punishment, your good times as well as the tight spots you were caught in.


6. A selfless relation

As we grow up, we make new friends and there is no denying the fact that sometimes, we develop friendship with few people for our advantage and vice-versa. But the friends we treasure since our school time are the friends who stay and support us whole life without any selfish purpose.

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7. An icon of friendship for the rest of our lives

After the school time, we always try to look for them or rather search their qualities and characteristics in each new friend we make. Thus, they become a model of a true friend whose glimpse is not to be found easily in any of our latter friends.


8. Life seems somewhere incomplete without their presence in our future

Many times, we don’t have our school friends with us in our college or the period that follows. And no matter, how many new friends we make, they altogether cannot fill the emptiness caused by the absence of school friends.


9. You are ever ready to do all you can for them and vice-versa

Since you have been with them in good times as well as in bad times, you are always concerned about their welfare. Moreover, they also cheered and encouraged you in tough phases of life and presently also they do if the need arises.


10. The hometown feel

We have a deeper bond of harmony as we belonged to the same hometown.


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