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10 Reasons Why Partying With A Non Drinker Is Much Better Than You Think


10 Reasons Why Partying With A Non Drinker Is Much Better Than You Think

Teetotallers. That’s what they’re called. At every party, you’ll find a bunch of people who don’t drink, yet seem to have the time of their lives. While you might find it impossible to get through a party without a glass of your favourite booze, these people seem to be doing just fine.

In fact, if you have a couple of them in your friend circle, it could be beneficial for you. Here’s how:

1. They could be your designated driver. Driving after a few drinks is so not cool, guys. Not only are you putting yourself at risk, but also those on the streets.

2. You could keep your valuables with them, thereby foregoing the risk of losing them. Oh come on, how many times have you come back from a party to discover that you’ve left your phone behind? Or worse yet, lost it, without any idea of where you might have put it?

3. You could also rely on them to keep you out of trouble. We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve created a mess, which could have been avoided if someone in their right senses managed to stop us in time.

4. Most importantly, they could stop you from drunk dialing an ex. Been there, done that and it certainly does not feel good the morning after.

5. They could help you out with the embarrassing stories the next day. Chances are, you’ll not remember a single thing, while they remember every minute detail.

6. You don’t have to offer them a sip of your drink, and god knows how you hate doing that!

7. Hey, he or she could be your wingman. If you are trying to meet new people at the bar, you need someone sober who can help you speak to hot girls or guys.

8. Drunken brawls are common, and a sober friend may just come in handy in case you are unable to defend yourself in such a situation.

9. They can help you get home in one piece at the end of the party, even if it means if you’re puking and throwing up all the way back home.

10. Lastly, they know when to stop, even though you may not. Rely on your friend to tell you when to stop drinking, they’ll know better.

So instead of calling them party poopers, why don’t you look on the brighter side?

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