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10 Ridiculous Things that Can Only Happen In TV Serials

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10 Ridiculous Things that Can Only Happen In TV Serials

1) At first, the hero loves the heroine! Then embraces her and marries her. After some years he gives a divorce to the lady and goes on to marry the heroine’s sister! Then sometime later he feels the guilt, again goes and marries the heroine again.



2) The Rich Guy was duped and loses own house to bad guy, but yet prefers to stay as a servant in the same house.



3) The ladies in the TV serials are always dressed in heavy jewellery! Everywhere; in bed, while eating, before/after bathing!



4) More than dialogues, there are horrible and stupid background noises that are only attracting the characters in!



5) Coming toward the lead characters, the lead character is the one who is always betrayed foolishly, is in a problem or gets he biggest promotions!



6) The grandmas and Grandfathers live for more than 200 years… THE IMMORTALS!!!



7) Hmm… There seems to be the only one temple where everyone meets and co-incedences keep taking place!



8) The Diya… The Diya that decides for the family! If stays on, the family is safe! And if it goes of the world comes to an end…



9) The evil characters are trends these days, each serials have one! Those evil characters are always the Mothers-in-laws or the sisters-in-law!



10) And, at the last, We have the magical ‘Jarributti’ from Ekta Kapoor! Ageing is no more in fashion, rather we don’t look old even if we are great grandmother!


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