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10 Shows That Are So Good, That You Can Binge-Watch Them Without Feeling Guilty


10 Shows That Are So Good, That You Can Binge-Watch Them Without Feeling Guilty

2019 is halfway through and there are a lot of promising movies that came out but what surprised us was the content online. This year was a big hit for the content produced by Youtube, Netflix, and Hotstar. Here are some of the series that you can’t miss this year!

1. Delhi Crime: Netflix

The series about the Nirbhaya rape case. And it is bone-chilling.

2. Laakhon Mein Ek Season 2: Amazon Prime Video

A series by Biswa, he now takes a dig at the Indian medical system. And the whole series will keep surprising you.

3. Kota Factory: YouTube

This series is perfect and is the story of every student who has gone to Kota to study. It also brings us to a hard-hitting reality of the Indian education system.

4. Sex Education: Netflix

It is cringy but a really funny series of a teenage boy, whose mother is a sex therapist. Well, things get weird between them after she decides to meddle in with the ” problems ” he is facing.

5. Made in Heaven: Amazon Prime Video

The perfect insides of rich people problems. And to add spice: marriages. The series brilliantly captures all the essence.

6. Hanna: Amazon Prime Video

This action web-series might seem a bit slow in the first but it is fine! The story is about a 15-year-old girl, with advanced DNA which makes her a super soldier.

7. Russian Doll: Netflix

This woman is stuck in a time loop and is forced to live her life, the same day again and again and again.

8. On My Block Season 2: Netflix

The series sets out some hard truths about the discrimination and violence against colored people.

9. Chernobyl: Hotstar

One of the finest things you can see right now. The series on the 1986 nuclear disaster of Chernobyl and it is beautifully portrayed.

10. When They See Us: Netflix

This series is about 5 boys who were accused of rape and they were all colored. Later a noted criminal confessed that he had done the hideous crime. The drama is shocking and will take you on for an emotional ride.

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