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10 Stupid Things That Indian Men Do


10 Stupid Things That Indian Men Do

1. Peeing In Public

Indian men have a habit of watering the road with urea and ammonia.

urinating in public

2. Talk Loudly When There’s No Network

Because by talking loudly, mobile network will improve.. 😛

Phone call

3.  Pushing a ‘Pull’ Door

Who care the way the door opens.

It should just open in any way.



4.  Spitting Paan in public

Because walls, roads and pavements are made for spitting Paan.


paan spitting

5.  Overcrowding In A Queue

Indian men don’t follow any rule, especially when it is about standing in a queue.

They consider not following a rule as their birth right.




6. Scream on the phone when talking to someone living far away.

Because your voice must carry across the seven seas and oceans



7.  Cutting the hand to write the name of your love

Indian men always want to cherish their sweet relationship.




8. Keeping their zip one.

Indian men keep their zip open for free air conditioning, especially in summer season.

It isn’t a nice thing though!



9. Keep looking at the watch

Because that’s the best way to pass time.



10. Horn when the red signal is on.

Indian men thinks that this will turn the red signal green.



How many you can relate to yourself or your friends :P. Please comment and let us know. Tag your friends too 😀

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