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10 Things That Always Happen In An Exam Hall

10 Things That Always Happen In An Exam Hall RVCJ Media


10 Things That Always Happen In An Exam Hall

This is the time when even the non-believers would pray to the god to pass all the exams. Students would make up deals with the god. It’s the exam time, even the Ind-Pak cricket match pressure is nothing compared to the exam pressure. The day of the exam, a day when the fate of the students depend on their sitting arrangement, not on the question paper. This is the time when students express their creativity in the best of ways on their answer sheet. An exam can be tough or easy, filled up with many tense moments, and many memorable humorous incidents.

So let’s take a look at the 10 Things That Always Happen In An Exam Hall

1. Where is my mind?

Finally the time is here, the moment for which the students prepared day and night, worked off their asses. But when the exam time comes, what exactly is going on the mind of a student?

exam moment

2. The real wisdom is in knowing you know no shit.

What do you do when you come across a problem in your question that you don’t know how to solve? You solve it anyway. You don’t wanna let others know that you don’t know the solution. So you wave your fingers in the air like you’re some music conductor, pretending to be solving the question in your head.

Question paper


The five stages of the exam is the series of emotional stages that one experiences when faced with a question paper that guarantees his failure in the examination.

Exam stages

4. That one guy!

While most of us reach to our classroom 15 minutes earlier before the exam commences, and leave the classroom after the bell has rung. There’s always an exception to this, that one guy who always comes late in the exam and leaves early than everyone.

Late guySource

5. When someone asks for the extra sheet!

Einstein said that time is relative to the observer. So for some, a minute seems like eternity, while for a few time is flying away. We always have someone who’s writing at a speed higher than that of Rajdhani Express. Left to right, top to bottom, filling the pages, filling the sheet. Saale sheet mein kya Ramayan ya Mahabharat likta hai kya?


6. When you get your powers back in the last minutes of the exam!

You spend the 175 minutes of your exam in trying to remember the answer, looking in the answer sheet of your friend, but during the last 5 minutes you suddenly remember everything, you write faster than you can think.


7. You were my brother! I trusted you…

When you try to ask your friend for help, but he ignores you continuously. And a simple request from a girl would make him put his answer sheet on the display. Saale ladki ke chakkar mein apne bhai ko bhul gaya.


8. The promise

You know the promise that everyone makes that they’ll tell you the answers once they’re finished with their exam. And when they are done, they just leave you hanging in there.


9. There are two types of students

Type-I who have kept all their exam stuff, stationary ready a day ago. Type-II people are good at asking stuff. All they need is a pen and they’re good to go.


10. Everyone has their talents

Some people are good at understanding stuff, some are good at mugging up, while some are good at cheating. And make no mistake about it, cheating requires hard work + risk. Nothing is easy, not even cheating.



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