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10 Things You Can Relate To If You Are An Engineer Studying For Finals


10 Things You Can Relate To If You Are An Engineer Studying For Finals

Yes, the much hated semester end exams are here. For those in final semesters, this is the moment that has been anticipated from long. Engineers, on the other hand, started engineering with almost the sole purpose of reaching this point. 😉 Being a fellow engineer, here are ten things that have stayed at the top of my head during finals.

 1. “Okay. So these are my finals. I will study hard and get a high GPA so my overall GPA will increase. I will also get an FCD.”


Followed by hours of thinking over how engineering is almost over. WOW. Like wow.

 2. “After these exams are over, I am so free!”


Wohoo. Let me spend the day before exams planning on what to do after all exams.

 3. “Will I really not miss engineering?”


Like really? All this cool “Oh, I am so glad its all over”, is fake?

 4. “Yes, I will not miss the studying and internals and externals.”


Hells to the NOS. I don’t even have to study. ANYMORE.

 5. “I mean, not until the classes for my PG start.”


I can bother about it later, no?

 6. “Its about time I start studying, its 8 PM. Where are my notes?”

Didn’t I like spend 300 bucks for all the notes? Where are the photocopies? *searches frantically all over the room* *finds notes!* *fist pump!* Oh, its the notes of previous semester.



 7. “Somebody would have uploaded the images on the WhatsApp group, let me not panic”


Yes, engineers always keep a softcopy of the photocopy, or atleast the link to the e-book on the WhatsApp group.

 8. “Its 2 AM. I can still study enough to clear. I mean c’mon, they don’t really fail anyone in final year!”


Yes, I have never seen anybody who got failed in the final semester. Even my lecturers are sick of seeing my face for years now. How long has it been, four?

 9. “Umm, the syllabus isn’t as small as I thought it was.”


Ofcourse, if you had attended classes at all, you would know. That reminds me, you have a shortage of attendance.

 10. “Why didn’t I start early? Damn.”


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I have studied enough to pass, no? This too shall pass.

Engineers don’t ever start studying before the strike of midnight, ever :’) You are welcome.

Dear fellow engineers, let us know your thoughts. Tag those preparing for exams. All the best ya’all!

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