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10 Things Couples Do Which Seem To Be Weirdest But Are Absolutely Normal


10 Things Couples Do Which Seem To Be Weirdest But Are Absolutely Normal

Being in love is a beautiful feeling and living close to someone whom you love is what every lover craves for. However, spending some time together and living together under one roof are totally different because when two people live together, they also get to see the weird side of each other.

They do many things which, at one sight, might appear to be quite weird but are completely normal. Here’s a list of 10 such activities:

1. Texting each other while in the same room or from within the house

This happens when a partner is feeling lazy, playful or may be angry and waiting for the other one to break the ice.

2. Tickling each other

Well, this is something which every couple likes to do because it is quite enjoyable and gives a chance to laugh without any reason.

3. Giving each other cute nicknames

Calling each other by cute nicknames such as shona, sweetu, jaanu, baby, etc. is a common habit of couples nowadays.

4. Farting and burping without hesitation

Every person hesitates while farting in office or at public places but when in house, couples have no shame in farting or burping anytime.

5. Trying clothes of each other

Many couples do try clothes of each other just for playful reasons or if their physical structures are little similar and it’s quite entertaining too. Try it some day and you’d love the change!

6. Using bathroom at one time

This happens quite a lot when a person is using the toilet and other needs to take a shower.

7. Taking shower together but not getting physically intimate

Couples love to take shower together and but it’s not necessary that they get intimate at that time, if you know what I mean 😉 .

8. Inspecting each other for moles or strange marks

Well, there are some places in the body which a person can’t see on his own and here the partner comes in picture. Even though it may sound awkward, couples often inspect each other’s body and it’s completely a normal activity.

9. Talking in a secret language or a language of their own

As the time passes, couples develop a language or style of communication which only they both can understand. It comes handy when you don’t want other people to know what you are talking about.

10. Cleanliness check on each other’s clothes

It is done to make sure whether the clothes need washing or not and for this, the person might even smell clothes like underwear, not for any sensuous reason but for hygiene.

Have you done all these things too? Do you know about any other weird act? Let us know.

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