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10 Things About Girls That Boys Just Don’t Understand

10 Things About Girls That Boys Just Don't Understand RVCJ Media


10 Things About Girls That Boys Just Don’t Understand

It is truly said that girls are impossible to understand and if you try to get them, you would forget yourself, ending up in a mess. But if you wish for comprehending this strangest creature on the Earth, I would suggest you read the following points to get a better grasp whether you should really do or not…

1. They are never satisfied with their dress and always ready to buy a new one for a party.

Whenever you ask them where they are going, they say ‘for shopping’ but when they have to go for a party or a function, they always complain ‘there is nothing appropriate in my wardrobe, what to wear?’ I don’t get what do they shop? Moreover, they spend a lot of time and money in purchasing items but are not pleased with what they brought and yet consider themselves as the best.

nothing to wear

2. Girls are great at remembering dates.

They can brilliantly memorize even minute details, especially dates. And then trouble their boyfriend or spouse, “Jaanu when did you touch me or kiss me first? When and where did we meet? blah blah



3. They have an X-ray machine fit into their eyes.

They almost scan each and every girl who passes by or even from the gate of the college, including her dress, accessories, hairdo, footwear, and so on. I can’t even remember what I wore yesterday? Ah, girls have a fabulous memory.


4. They find luxury irresistible.

Why does pomp and show fascinate them so much or why are they, sometimes excessively, mad after luxury stuffs like car, jewelry etc.


5. Although women expect an honest answer from us, they always want us to speak what they like to hear.

They ask how they are looking and instruct us to tell the truth but when we actually do, they get angry because they always expect the answer ‘the most beautiful of all present here’.



6. They are confused about what they aspire.

I think they don’t really know as to what they want from their husbands or their boyfriends. Girls always want to change and modify them or rather I would say ‘personalize’ them and when they are truly likewise, they say ‘you have changed and are not the one whom I loved’. Till then, I myself forget who I was? Shit man


7. Their crave for window shopping

How can they afford to waste so much of time in just wandering through various shops and malls, asking the prices with no intention of buying a single thing.


8. Why so jealous woman?

A large mass of women seem to be envious with every other woman regarding herself as the most excellent. But tell me woman, what if someone else is better than you? You can’t be the perfect in each field or the greatest all the time so why you can’t consider some other person superior to you.

However, a girl meets every other girl as her best friend and hugs like they have met after years.


9. Why do they cry in just any situation?

One thing that can be seamlessly related to women is that they shed tears no matter whatever the situation is. For example, when there is a happy moment or when they have a fight with their lover, when they don’t look so good or when their wish is not fulfilled. Oh these girls, I tell you, are beyond my understanding.


10. They always hide their feelings when it’s the time to express; nevertheless, keep on talking a lot ceaselessly at other times – how and why?

You would hardly find a girl who truly expresses her feelings and straightly speaks about what she yearns for. On the contrary, they are indulged in gossip and talk so much even when you want them to shut their mouths up.






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