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10 Things We All Do To Impress Our Crush


10 Things We All Do To Impress Our Crush

Crushes. They give us the butterflies and sometimes the whole zoo. They look at us and our hearts skip a beat! 😀 We all want to look our best versions for our crushes. So we do things to impress them. Here, we list the top ten things we all do to impress our crushes.

 1. Wear clothes that are stylish.


Now who wants to appear dorky? So we obviously, give utmost priority to look our best. The first thing ofcourse, is the clothes we wear. We could walk the ramp, the outfits we wear 😉

 2. Our hair.

beyonce hair

I think the aspect that most obsessively gets checked is our hair! Poore 75 baar mirror’wa dekhe, 32 baar hum apna baal banaaye 😉

 3. Try making friends with their friends.


If we don’t know them, what better way than to make friends with the object of our affection first? 😛 So we try having enough mutual friends for them to notice us.

 4. Speak intelligent.


They say, knowledge gets attention. So in the classroom, we answer the questions and try to sound intelligent. We might as well brush up a little the previous night to impress the crush!

 5. Try to have common interests.

common interest

Crush is interested in metal? Let me listen to metal for a while though all I mostly listen to EDM. Crush is totally into painting? Let me try it, even if I suck at doodling stick figures with disfigured feet.

 6. Smile and seem approachable.


Having a social life that is exciting might not be our thing, but we will definitely look sweet and nice, probably seem like we have a hundred friends. Nobody likes a loner, eh?

 7. Wait for them.


And indulge in stalker behavior around their blocks/floors though pretending like its a total coincidence. You have friends in that floor okay? Even if those ‘friends’ don’t know you at all.

 8. Pretend like you don’t like them.


Because what if they think you are clingy and annoying? Play it smooth, mate! That’s a sure shot way of impressing, apparently!

 9. Get your friends to drop in a good word for you.


There’s no harm in somebody other than casually telling your crush that you are amazing, know? “Arre rahul is such a nice guy, boyfriend material ya!” is not creepy at all 😀

 10. Do stupid things, in general.


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Things that you’ll be mortifyingly ashamed of ten years down the lane. Way too much perfume? Check. Goofy smiles and blushing? Check. Stalker behavior that could lead you to jail? Check.

But hey, its called crush for a reason. Its supposed to be so, so enjoy the feeling while it lasts 😀

Tag your crush crazed friends, or besht, tag your crush 😉

Chalo chalo, share karo already! 😀


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