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10 Things That Indian Couples Face After Having Their First Child!!!

10 Things That Indian Couples Face After Having Their First Child!!!


10 Things That Indian Couples Face After Having Their First Child!!!

Indian couples and their family love to welcome babies with loads of love. Every couple from their very first month are asked about the good news “kuch hole wala hai kya”. I know this can make you both feel really blushed in front of the crowd. But, when you have your first child the life totally changes. These are few things that most Indian parents face after the birth of their first child.

1. You suddenly think humare waqt mein ye sari facilities kyon nahi thi

This is the very most common thought of any Indian parent. You suddenly start thinking about your difficulties and bad phase during childhood.


2. The clothes are so cute

Every clothes that you buy for your baby will make you feel, wish I got this in my childhood. The lovely floral pants, printed tops, cap designs, booties,etc


3. No more questions – “abhi tak kuch hua nahi?”

I remember this statement turning my head to bang on the walls every time someone asked for it. My mother would secretly come to me sometimes asking, “kuch problem hai kya…don’t take any contraceptives” in a very nostalgic tone.


4. Forget about the budget to be spent on your lil one

This line proves wrong “Paise ped pe nahi ugte” as you have your first baby. All the value of the statement is gone even when buying any not required things. You will suddenly know the worth of money, but still feel good about spending each penny that’s hard earned on your baby.


5. Peaceful sleep! Ahhh!

The pee-poo and crying will leave you with all sleepless nights. Initially this can be very uncomfortable but often led to a soothing feel of your baby. Suddenly I remember my mother’s dialogue “When you have a baby you will understand the phase I have gone through.”


6. Badhai ho! Mithai nahi khilayi?”

Did I ever get any sweets from their behalf for any given occasion? Then why do I have to give them the sweet treat? I am sure we all must have heard this from the near and dear ones or so called well wishers.


7. Bilkul apne mummy/ daddy pe gaya hai”.

This statement is used accordingly like, if the person is from the mothers side, they will say “bilkul mom pe gaya hai” and vice versa. I mean come on! Be genuine. Sometimes this even happens when the person doesn’t have something to say- bas bolne ke liye bol diya.


8. Baccha ka rang badlega

Now, this is a pure myth and also blunt dilasa that every people give if your baby has darker complexion. But as a matter of fact, every parent loves their child however they are. Having fair and golu baby is an added advantage that unfortunately helps people understand that you take good care of your baby and love them. Adding to this they also have ample of suggestions to improve this.


9. “Pehle ladka hota to accha tha”

I hate the statement that is very common with Indian well wishers. My ears get swallow and feel to back answer at times. This statement is also supported with- “jaane do pehla kuch bhi ho”.


10. Naming of the baby

All people around you will start suggesting your baby name and make you totally forget what you want the name to be. Did you have courage go with your thought name? If yes, get to see your relatives in that sad look, especially your parents.


Hope this article helped you to tickle the funny bone!

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