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Honest Live-In Relationship: This New Video Will Hilariously Unmask All Of Us


Honest Live-In Relationship: This New Video Will Hilariously Unmask All Of Us

We all have been in a relationship and some of us are still in one. So we know the pros and cons of this basic necessity of life which is love and relationship. In the morning a couple might fight over silly things but by evening, they not only crave for each other’s companionship, but they also want to go home as soon as possible and tell each other everything.

One thing very important in a relationship is honesty but have you ever thought that if you start being too honest with your partner, where will you two end?

RVCJ has brought to you a funny video about honest live-in relationship. The video features a couple and showcases a fantasy world where they are honest with each other. Now being honest is not always right like when your girlfriend prepared soup for you, no matter how bad it tastes, you have to praise it.

The video takes a funny dig at the couple who are not only honest with each other, but also to their friends. It features Apoorva Arora and Keshav Sadhna as the couple and Saad Bilgrami, Pankaj Kothawade, and Yugal Kishore Bharti in various characters.

Watch this funny video here and find out if it is that simple, to be honest with your partner?

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