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10 Things Kids Of Today Will Never Understand

10 Things Kids Of Today Will Never Understand RVCJ Media


10 Things Kids Of Today Will Never Understand

They say nostalgia is a silly liar who tells you that the past was better than it was. We think its wrong about childhood. There are some things about our childhood that kids of today will never understand.

These ten things here are what today’s kids miss, and we get nostalgic 🙂

Ready for a trip down the memory lane?

 1. Shaktimaan


Kids of today have their Batman, Superman and Ironman. They’ll know Shaktimaan, or his all super powers of flying, burning metals just by concentrating on it and so much more.

 2. Casettes


And fixing them using a pencil. Pulling the film just enough to wind it back in, was such a bliss in itself, wasn’t it?

 3. Fat landlines


They know caller IDs, they know who is calling. Heck, there is even True Caller. The adorable landlines, the messy cords and the excitement of finding out who is on the other side will never be known to these kids.

 4. Mowgli


Enough said. *sob*

 5. Parle Kisme


No Silk can ever beat the joy of Parle Kisme. Agree?

 6. Katti


Just to get back to being friends within the next twenty minutes.

 7. Rasna


No rasna? No birthday party.

 8. Snake


Playing the legendary snake game on the very precious Nokia phone? You were the shizz! A million apps of today can’t beat the happiness of a long, long snake :’)

 9. Cartoon Network

Not CN! Ugh. Donald Duck, Tom and Jerry, Tail Spin, Dennis the Menace. Today’s kids’ channels are border line horrid.

 10. Ice stick


Flavored ice stick.. I don’t remember it’s price. It was Rs 1 or 2 but yummyyyyyyyy…

*wipes tears off face* yea, even we have a stupid happy grin pasted across our faces now.
Who else wants a way back into the childhood?

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