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10 Things Men Think Before First Night


10 Things Men Think Before First Night

Needless to say, first night is the most romantic and memorable moment of a person’s life and he wants to leave no stone unturned to make it special so that it becomes a lifetime experience and gives the couple innumerable memories to treasure forever.

Now if the night is so special, it’s quite natural for a guy to be little worried for making everything perfect and a number of thoughts go on in his mind.

Here we present a list of 10 things that men usually think before their first night!

1. What to gift?

Giving the best gift to your partner is what sizzles your night and sets her mood, if you know what I mean 😉 ! If you are looking for a sexy gift, you can go for hot lingerie that will further intensify the temperature of the room and make your night. Besides, gold or diamond jewellery is what women can never resist.

2. Will she be a virgin?

This used to be men’s major concern few decades ago and even though the time has changed now, there are few men who still possess this thought in mind.

3. Precaution is the key to more and more romantic nights:

Many couples don’t want kids at just the first year of their marriage and that is why, they prefer contraceptives. Undeniably, precaution is what men usually don’t forget and why not, it’s crucial if they want to enjoy more nights full of fun and romance.

4. Stress of performing good on bed:

It is one of the most common concerns which disturb a man before his wedding night. Will he be able to satisfy her? How many times will he be doing it during that night? And so on….

5. What special arrangements to make?

As we have already mentioned that it’s one of the best nights in a man’s life, he wants to make utmost efforts to make it unforgettable. Making special arrangements like beautiful decoration, drinks, candles, flowers etc. will add to your romance and set the mood.

6. Capturing the moment:

Few people don’t mind doing experiments and don’t shy away from capturing photos or videos of their first night. This is one more way to cherish memories but the couple needs to be very cautious that their pics or videos are safe and don’t get public.

7. Choosing an appropriate place:

Many people prefer home for their first night; however, if there’s not enough space or privacy at home, some people opt for hotels too. Selecting a proper place is very important since things depend much on the place. If the aura is romantic and peaceful, there are more chances to have a rocking night.

8. Taking care of safety:

If a guy chooses a place other than his house, for instance a hotel room, it’s necessary to check for any hidden camera or other spy stuff as safety is a key concern.

9. A nice perfume:

Body odour is a strict NO in the first night as it can ruin the whole atmosphere and hence, men pay special attention to their perfume which can add more fragrance to their sweet night.

10. Mouth freshener:

Just like body, mouth should smell good too and it’s where mouth fresheners come handy.

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