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10 Things That Women Find Sexier In Men Than Their Looks !

10 Things That Women Find Sexier In Men Than Their Looks ! RVCJ Media


10 Things That Women Find Sexier In Men Than Their Looks !

Looks matter… a lot ! But they are not  the only thing that attracts someone to another. Here are 10 such traits/habits, that women may find really attractive or sexy in men.

1) Kindness – The man you’re dating or want to date should have a good heart. It’s only logical since such a person will think a thousand times before hurting you… which is pretty attractive ( and necessary ;p ).


2) Caring – Someone who cares for you honestly is likely to be far more attractive and sexier than someone who doesn’t give a shit about you, and maybe treats you bad… even if he looks like Brad Pitt !


3) Spontaneous – A man who’s spontaneous, and wild… and can surprise you to see you smile is sexier than any hunk out there.


4) Funny – You cannot have a relationship with someone’s face ( or body ). You need to talk. The man has to be interesting… and a man who has a good sense of humor will only be ‘more attractive’ than the dull ones !


5) Intelligent – This isn’t something that is necessary but definitely a turn-on. Being with a wise intelligent man might seem sexier to some than being with stupid ‘cute-faced’ idiots.


6) Chivalry – Being a GENTLEMEN, in this age… might seem hard, and finding a man like that is even harder. But this is for sure, that nothing’s sexier to a woman than a man with a little etiquette, who can treat her like a lady !


7) Understanding – Nothing’s better than a man who understands your feelings and listens to you. It might just be the sexiest thing in the world.


8) Down-to-earth – Men with a big ego, however good looking they may be, will never be as sexy as someone with a good and sweet attitude.


9) How he treats women, in general – This will always affect all women, whether the guy is respectful of women in general or not. If yes, SEXY ! If no, BYE.


10) Overall Personality – At the end, the first impression of a man will always be sexier if he has a good personality. That is what counts and not the brooding look on his face.


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