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10 Thoughts To Consider On This Girl Child Day


10 Thoughts To Consider On This Girl Child Day

Girls have always faced the heat of civilization almost everywhere. In ancient India girls shared a much better and respectable position as of now or in the recent history. As the society started to become male dominated the conditions of girls and also the society started to deteriorate. After long the world started to realise the mistake and many efforts from round the world were made to get the wheels rolling for saving girl child and making this a better place for them to live. Even after that the female foeticide, female infanticide, crimes against women and selective sex abortions are done. To make people aware India celebrates the National Girl Child Day every January 24. The UNICEF started celebrating October 11 as the International Girl Child Day. Starting with the quote from the Vedas that has always been of essence in India and holds a great meaning.

yatra nariyastu poojyante

After this lovely quote here are 10 such points that can shake you in your minds to think and act.

1. The world needs a change, explained the UNICEF way

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2. Every man needs a mother, wife, sister then why not a daughter?

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3. She makes the world bright, but still struggles to see light

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4. Doing the good turn

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5. The natural teachers

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6. They have the Midas Touch

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7. People wishing for boy child beware

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8. Better watch-out guys

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9. Summed in one

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Efforts by Government of India

10. Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao Abhiyan

Beti Bachaao

In Hindi: बेटी बचाओ, बेटी पढ़ाओ which means Save girl child, educate girl child is a Government of India scheme that aims to generate awareness and improving the efficiency of welfare services meant for women.

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