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10 Truths Of Life You’ll Have To Face Once Your College Life Ends

10 Truths Of Life You’ll Have To Face Once Your College Life Ends RVCJ Media


10 Truths Of Life You’ll Have To Face Once Your College Life Ends

From the very starting of our life , We started struggling with this cruel world then we managed to survive in the school and however get admissions in college which is far better than school as shown in Hindi movies 😛 😛 but we know the reality 😛 😀
But….College life isn’t forever. Everything comes to an end , it happens with our college life too.

After school, it is a different stage of life. So many different experiences, new friends, new teachers etc. and you are mature enough to take your life decisions 😀

But what happens after our awesome college life ???
We deliberately steps into a very different world. We have to shoulder many responsibilities.
There is so much to prove. Here are 10 points you will definitely relate to your life 😀

1. Only few friends will stay in your life for ever

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2.You will surely miss your classrooms

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3. Family will become more important for you suddenly

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4. You will accepted by society and it is something very unexpected for you

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5. Sometimes you will not feel mature enough to bore on your responsibilities

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6. Life is never easy after college but we change it for better if we want to do so

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7. The connection between you and your friends will break to an extent and you slowly becomes strangers like

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8. You always feel that you’ve got only a bit of what you’ve ever dreamt of

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9. It is not necessary that your friends will be at a call distance away from you even when you are feeling low

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10. A new life. A new job.
Days will go far away when you ask for money from your parents

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Yeah it’s the best time to write my words here……..
Yaha sbkch nahi milta zindagi main …. kisi ka “Kaash” to kisi ka “Agar” reh hi jata h…. 😀

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