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11 Brilliant Selfie Hacks You Never Even Heard Before

11 Brilliant Selfie Hacks You Never Even Heard Before RVCJ Media


11 Brilliant Selfie Hacks You Never Even Heard Before

We are born and raised in Modern Era . Here technology is everything. If you are good at something , you are a hero and can rule the world 😀 Likewise, Selfies are ruling the world of social media like Instagram , Facebook etc. and everyone out there loves to get likes and comments of his or her selfie.
In any situation you find your selfies not as good as your friends, there are several hacks to get amazing selfies. All you have to do is to keep some points in mind while clicking selfies. Here I am posting these 11 hacks to enhance your selfie quality 😀

Selfie Hack #1

Use grid lines and be careful your face should be at the intersection of grid lines .
Image Source

Selfie Hack #2

Clean the lens of your mobile regularly to remove any dust that can make your selfie better .
Image Source

Selfie Hack #3

To get a better selfie stand where you get direct lightning .
Image Source

Selfie Hack #4

Use Zoom to get a closer shot instead of bringing your phone closer. Taking the phone closer can false the facial features .
Image Source

Selfie Hack #5

Try to crop the photo so that background doesn’t appear much. The main focus should be on self; it’s a selfie after all.
Image Source

Selfie Hack #6

In case Background is spectacular, keep it in the picture but still your face should get all the limelight.
Image Source

Selfie Hack #7

If you want to get capture the complete attention of background effect, use backlight that gives a softer focus on you .
Image Source

Selfie Hack #8

In order to avoid blurry images, use timer.
Image Source

Selfie Hack #9

If you are clicking selfie in dark or having dim light, click it with the primary camera with flash.
Image Source

Selfie Hack #10

Try different surroundings and poses when taking selfies.
Image Source

Selfie Hack #11

You can also ask your friends to use flashlight of their phone while you click your selfie in dim light .
Image Source

Here you got ways to enhance your selfie quality and make it less than perfect 😛 I don’t think that you can share this with your friends and your family 😛 Helping others is the best thing, So do share this 😀

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