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11 GIFs That Define Your Mood On Period Day


11 GIFs That Define Your Mood On Period Day

It’s about those days when all you want is to roll in a blanket and not wake for a week. Unfortunately, not many get the luxury which they want for a week. Here are 11 GIFs that define your moods on the period days.

1. When Your Boss Decides That Everyone Needs To Be Out For Team Lunch

Image Source

2. When You Got A Stain But You Gotta Lots Of Pending Work

pending work
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3. When You Forget That EXTRA Sanitary Pad

Image Source

4. When There’s No Medical Shop In The Entire Lane

Image Source

5. When Your Friend Decides To Cancel At The Last Moment Because Of A Meeting

Image Source

6. When You Want The Day To Be Over To Get A Sleep

Image Source

7. When Your Cab Driver Decided To Drop You Way Ahead Because There’s Traffic

Image Source

8. When The Lady In The Bus Keeps Her Bag On The Seat Instead Of Letting You Sit

GIF-Brady-Bunch-disturbed-freak-out-frustrated-funny-Jan-upset-GIFImage Source

9. When The Lift In Your Office Isn’t Working

Image Source

10. When You Find A Medical Shop And Realize That It’s Down For Maintenance

Image Source

11. When The ‘Chotu’ In Canteen Is On Leave & You Have To Walk To Have A Cup Of Tea

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