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11 Instances When India TV Nailed It.


11 Instances When India TV Nailed It.

If there is any award for being the stupidest News Channel. I am sure that India TV would win it.

Have a look at few instances when they just crossed the line of stupidity.

1. At least we have something in Common with Aliens.1

2. The secret behind India’s victory.


3. Obama or Osama?? Still Confused!!!4

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4. After Seeing This, Chris Gayle was like — WTF!!!5

5. So who are the other 18?


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6. They call this ‘Bhavishyawani’7

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7. This one was epic..8

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8. They cow went against the gravitational Force…


9. That’s the news whole nation needs to care about.10

10. Aliens want Himesh Reshamia. (Hope it was true 😀 ). This means Aliens have gone Mad.11

11. Even Tigers have Love Triangle.12

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