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11 Skills That You Can Learn In 5 Minutes Or Less And They Will Change Your Life!


11 Skills That You Can Learn In 5 Minutes Or Less And They Will Change Your Life!

Life is all about learning, we learn a lot of different things at different stages in our life. Skills that we acquire always prove to be useful, it’s always a good investment to learn some new skills. Now whether it’s learning a new language or learning the art of cooking, you’re never going to regret learning it.

A skill can save your time and money, even your life at times. Watch the adventurer Bear Grylls, how he manages to survive in the wild without food and water. It’s something he has learnt and developed over a long period of time from his experiences. So mastering a skill set is not as easy as it sounds. If you need to learn quick life hacks during your break at work, you’d be surprised to know the useful skills you can learn in your breaks or while sitting at your desk.

There are a lot of things you can learn and practice in your short breaks at work or classes. While most of us browse the internet, scroll the Facebook wall, watch random videos on Youtube, but learning and practicing a new skill can prove to much handier in the long run.

So let’s take a look at 11 Skills That You Can Learn In 5 Minutes Or Less And They Will Change Your Life!

1. Changing a tire


How often have you seen yourself stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire? You can change a tire without having to ask others for help, it’s a simple process, but you have to be prepared for it. With a little effort and a little knowledge, you can master this skill.

2. Shaking someone’s hand and introducing yourself.


Having a good level of social skills is very important. You know the saying – “First impression is the last impression”. A good first impression leaves a lasting impression, open the doors of opportunities. Take a look at this video.

3. How to tie a tie.

learning skills

How to tie a tie and wearing a tie is a lost art these days. Very few functions require a man to wear a tie, not many guys know how to tie a tie. There are very few functions that even require a man to wear a tie. It’s very important to know how to tie a tie.

4. Protecting your shoes, slippers in public places.


Whenever you’re visiting a temple or any public place where footwear is not allowed. Keep your footwear separated, don’t keep the pair together. There are less chances of your footwear getting stolen. Just always remember where you kept your footwear.


5. Doing a CPR.


Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) can help in saving a life of a person during a cardiac or breathing emergency. The simple step-by-step guide will teach you how to perform a correct CPR.

6. Using a fire extinguisher.


The knowledge of operating a fire extinguisher might save your life and the lives of many people someday. When there’s an emergency, you don’t have time to read the instructions and educate yourself. Just always remember the PASS word (Pull – Aim – Squeeze – Sweep).

7. Folding your shirts properly.

Folding your laundry the correct way gives a good impression, no one likes a creased outfit. Just follow these simple steps to fold your clothes wrinkle-free.

8.Saving ink of printer and changing its ink cartridge.


When you’re printing documents, change your text from black to grey. This will save the ink of your printer and will speed up the printing process. Every inkjet printer is a little different, but they all follow the same basic steps.

9. Use your watch as a compass.


If you ever find yourself lost in the wild, and you have no idea, no wayor to tell which direction you’re traveling,. Then you can use your analog watch as a compass to figure out a direction. Learn the trick to use your analog watch as a compass.

10. Identifying the freshest fruit.


When you go to the market to buy some fruits, usually you hold the fruit, shake it, sniff it, and still end up buying less tasty fruits. Look carefully at the attributes of the fruits; the color, smell, weight of it. Here are some tricks that you can use to choose the freshest fruit.

11. Learn to tie knots.


Knot tying has always been one of the key outdoor skills that comes in handy when you’re out on some adventure. Knowing how to tie a good knot can save lives when you’re dealing with a dangerous survival situation. It can also be used in performing first aid, you can use it when you’re working over heights or water.

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