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11 Strong Reasons Why You Should Date An Engineer

11 Strong Reasons Why You Should Date An Engineer RVCJ Media


11 Strong Reasons Why You Should Date An Engineer

Engineering , such a long term course and one of the toughest as well in the world 😀 . The students of engineering having no time for love making as they are very busy with their classes , assignments , file making and Blah Blah.

As An Engineer , It’s really very difficult to manage studies and relationship both. But yes, there are some successful engineers who make wonderful boyfriends.

They all are dedicated to their studies and able to enjoy even without spending money. If you get a chance to date an Engineer so date him. These 11 reasons are a proof.

Yes, here are 11 strong reasons why you need to date an engineering student.

1. Handyman

He can Fix anything and you don’t need to spend your money; just call your guy.


2. Awesome memory

Do not be surprised if he remembers the exact day, hour and minutes even seconds of the 1st time you looked at him.


3. Loyal

Not so many options in Class so better trust him.


4. Always Free

Hahaha most of the times they’ll mass bunk, so you both get ample of time.


5. Stress Handler

They are experts at handling stress levels.


6. Dedication

They all are dedicated to studies and will surely be dedicated to your relationship in the same way.


7. Nerd

He is unaware of his looks; even little compliments make him touch the sky.


8. Wake Up

Sleepless nights!!He can talk to you all night long.


9. Charming

They know how to manipulate; situation handling is going to be easy.


10. Long Term Deal

Their course is long and so will be your relationship. There will be no commitment issue if you date them.


11. Maths Genius

He is a maths genius. He knows how to play games and solve problems.

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