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11 Thoughts After A One-Night Stand On Every Guy’s Mind

11 Thoughts After A One-Night Stand On Every Guy's Mind RVCJ Media


11 Thoughts After A One-Night Stand On Every Guy’s Mind

One Night Stand…..One of the most common source of pleasure for the people of the new era. 🙂 😀

This is a condition when you are Partying really hard, getting drunk and then meeting a beautiful woman and then if the compatibility of the heat of the moment sets, the night is all romantic.
But, the reactions of most of the men in the world after the night has gone is when they wake up and then get their brain running about what happened the previous night.

So, here are 11 of the most ideas yet touchdown common words said by men after a one night stand.

1. Where I am ???


2. After seeing a Hot lady sleeping beside


3. Was it big enough for her?


4. Was there a condom involved?


5. Should I wake her up now?


6. I should probably make breakfast. For her too?


7. I should probably leave this place


8. Can I leave my number ??


9. Is that guard looking at me?


10. Why is everyone staring at me?


11. Why is INR 5000 absent in my wallet?


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