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This Bengaluru Love Story Started From A Dating App And Ended In Jail


This Bengaluru Love Story Started From A Dating App And Ended In Jail

What happened to the “always and forever” concept of love? Like every other thing, love has also turned to fast track. In this tech-savvy era one day you find someone on some random dating app. You two bond and fall head over heels in love with each other. You make promises to be together forever and meanwhile cross all the limits made by the “society“. Then one day one of you realizes, “Oh shit! it was not loved, just attraction,” and the other one feels used and cheated.

The same happened with a girl from Bengaluru. She was right swiped from a 29-year-old guy on some dating app just a month ago. They met, went on some dates for a month and ultimately spend a night together in the guy’s apartment. That’s when trouble in paradise began.

The woman told the world her story. She said that she met him on a dating app and their relationship was one month old. She accused the guy of being nice and decent when he just wanted a physical relationship and had no real feelings. She further revealed that right after they consummated their relationship, he said that she had forced herself onto him but it was the other way round.

The woman also said that when she proposed the man, he said that he is not ready for any commitment. When the woman asked the same thing again after a while, the man blocked her. That is when she decided to go to the police so that thing like this doesn’t happen with anyone again.

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