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11-Yr Kid Orders Cake From Swiggy, Later Gets To Know The Shop Does Not Even Exist


11-Yr Kid Orders Cake From Swiggy, Later Gets To Know The Shop Does Not Even Exist

There is no denying the fact that food delivering apps, such as Swiggy and Zomato have made our lives pretty easy and comfortable as we can now order food from the restaurant of our choice just by using our smartphone, sitting at our home. However, some customers are facing frustrating situations as well because of these apps.

Recently, an 11 years old kid from Noida ordered a Black Forest Cake on the New Year’s Eve through Swiggy but when she and her family were waiting for the cake, they got a call from the Swiggy executive informing that there is no such shop visible at the location.

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A senior executive also talked to them and told that some more riders also tried to find that shop but they failed so they should cancel the order. There has been an increase in such cases as some time back the same people had to cancel their dinner order because the restaurant was closed.

We all know what would have happened after that, the customer care executive would have offered deepest apologies and promised a better experience next time.

The question is when the restaurant and food outlets are getting closed, then why they are not removed from the food app. This is definitely offering a bad experience to customers and it is not good for the business.

It is not just that it is happening with Swiggy consumers, Zomato customers are also facing such situation. Recently, a couple decided to have meals in a restaurant which they chose after surfing Zomato but when they reached there, the restaurant was not operational.

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These food apps should work on their coordination with the restaurants and they should request them of informing if they plan to close temporarily or permanently, so that they can also make changes on the app.

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