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14 Things Only An Engineering Student Can Relate To


14 Things Only An Engineering Student Can Relate To

The definition Of The Word “Engineering” is “It is the branch of science and technology concerned with the design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures.” But, In Today’s scenario it is changed to “It is the branch of Science and Technology deals with making its students sick.”

These Memes About Engineering Will Tell You The Rest Of The Story.

1. The Other Name Of “Engineering” Is Assignments, You Are A True Engineer If You Know About How To Survive Them

1 copy

2. Truth About ENGINEERING

in engg

3. “Ek Baar Jo Commitment Kar Di, Phir To Main Apne Baap Ki Bhi Nahin Sunnta”

3 copy

4. This Is So Wrong!!


5. Best Classmate And Friend Is The One Who….

BFF copy

6. An Engineer Knows How To Get Ready for Classes in Just 2 Minutes

DIFF. copy

7. Family Treats Like Mechanics.


8. Favorite Game For Every Engineer is Just Gonna Be This For Sure!


9. Mess Food Problems

KHANA copy

10. The Actual Problem is….

problem copy

11. Happiness To An Engineer is Sleeping

SLEEP copy

12. “Toh Engineer Ho Tum”


13. When Your Friend Has More Attendance Than You


14. Say Anything About Engineers, But They Are Perfect, Just Perfect For A Girl.. They Are Just Perfect Husband Material. They Know Struggle, Can Adapt As The Conditions Are, Even Much Quickly Than Anyone Else Can..


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