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15 Things Only Horror Movie Fans Will Understand!

15 Things Only Horror Movie Fans Will Understand! RVCJ Media


15 Things Only Horror Movie Fans Will Understand!

You know being a horror movie fan takes more than just watching the horror movies. It takes a great deal of craziness blended with an inclination towards the blood and gore. You may like things and stuff that an average person would find disturbing. Others may find your taste to be quite bizarre. While normal people winches at the sight of blood, their heart starts beating like a big brass band when they hear the slightest noise or see a glimpse of the villain. But we horror fans are made for such thrill and kill. We horror movie fans have the strangest of thoughts that would make the normal people anxious. We are intrigued by the fear of horror.

So here are the 15 Things Only Horror Movie Fans Will Understand

1. If you’re at Camp Crystal Lake and you’re a young girl. I am sure Jason Voorhees won’t let you go! He won’t let you walk away from him. He got some cool moves to do with his machete.


2. You know a Michael Myers stare would literally make you feel weak at the knees. Just ask Laurie how the Halloween encounter with Michael still haunts her sleep!


3. The smile that had frightened us in our childhood. Still scares the shit outta me!


4. You know a boy’s best friend is his mother. He may seem to be a sweet charming guy until you get to see his mother.


5. What’s your favorite scary movie gal?


6. Welcome to the prime time, BITCH!


7. He’ll make a heart tartare of your heart!


8. Jigsaw is such a naughty boy. Always ready to play with girls, with his strange toys.


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