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15 Things Only The Walking Dead Fans Will Understand

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15 Things Only The Walking Dead Fans Will Understand

The Walking Dead, based on the comic book series of the same name has already become one of the most watched shows around the world. The Walking Dead is a show about the apocalyptic world overrun by the flesh-eating zombies.The story revolves around Rick Grimes and his group of survivors who must survive at any cost, and search for a safe home. The Walking Dead series is a must watch series for every zombie buff.

Here are the 13 Things Only The Walking Dead Fans Will Understand

1. Make fun of the redneck as much as you want. But when the zombie apocalypse happens, he’s the only one who can save your ass.

Daryl Dixon

2. Rick Grimes’ stare can make you feel weak at the knees. He can see through your soul.

Rick Grimes

3. She’s a one woman army. She can protect the group. She can eliminate anything she sees as a threat and that also means you cough around Carol, you risk your life. You look at the flowers, you risk your life.




5. Talking about family issues, the Grimes family has got some serious problems.

Grimes Family

6. You may be cool, but you’ll never be Daryl Dixon. The name that’ll make women have an orgasm.


7. Poor Tyreese. He really got tired of seeing all the craziness of white bitches around him.

Poor Tyreese

8. You never ever cheat your girl and especially if that girl is “The Samurai”. So being stupid gets you killed, remember that folks!


9. Abraham’s universal answer to everything.


10. DAMMIT CARL IS NOT IN THE HOUSE!. You always keep your boy close Lori. Seriously even Beth, Tyreese proved to be a better mother than Lori.


11. Those moments nearly killed us all 🙁


12. Here’s a Christmas gift for you Glenn! Now it makes sense why give your pocket watch to him. BURN!

Glenn Burn!

13. Carl stop kidding around. You already got people killed. You see any walkers, you call BATMAN!

Rick's advice

14. How to survive The Walking Dead Zombie Apocalypse: Don’t be a black guy, don’t be a horse, be Rick Grimes.

Black Guys

15. Can’t wait for the October!


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