157 New Emojis Including Partying Face, Super Hero Are All Set To Improve Your Texting Experience

As the time is passing, people in the world are getting more connected to each other through their smartphone. Because while texting we don’t have a privilege to see each other and the expression of dialogue is really important, emojis come for the rescue.


We already have a huge range of emojis available to empower and express our thoughts in a better way. And now since we are in 2018, we of course need more.

To fulfil this need, Unicode Consortium has announced 157 new emojis that will be in your smartphones sooner than you expect. This takes the total count of emojis to 2823.

Some of the really cool emojis that have been included in the 157 new ones are red hair, curly hair, baldness, superhero, super villain, partying face, lab coat, goggles, microbe, mosquito and a lot more.


As per emojipedia who have released the list of sample emojis- “All these emojis have been created in an Apple-like style and will be out for use by the second half of this year”

Take a look at all the emojis in the video below-

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Aren’t all of these totally amazing? Seems like we are all set to have a whole new texting experience. What do you think?

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