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17 Unknown & Unheard Facts About Roger Federer That Every Tennis Fan Should Know


17 Unknown & Unheard Facts About Roger Federer That Every Tennis Fan Should Know

Roger Federer is widely considered as the Greatest Tennis Player of All Time. With 17 Grand slam titles , 80+ Titles at the ATP level, He is one of the Best Tennis Player to play this form of game. To be frank the Present Generation is blessed to witness the players like Roger Federer, Rafeal Nadal, Novak Djokovic etc. Roger Federer is a master of Playing all kinds of Tennis Shots. His Tweener and One Handed Backhand is a Delight to watch.

Here Presenting you 17 Facts about the 17 Time Grand Slam Champion Roger Federer:

1. Roger Federer Holds Citizenship of both Swiss and South Africa



Roger Federer was Born in Basel , Switzerland. His Father father Robert Federer is from Swiss and Mother Lynette Federer is a South African.

Roger Federer can Speak English,French,German and Swiss German Fluently.

2. Federer Started watching Tennis when he was 4 and Enrolled in the School at the Age of 6

young federer2

Watching his Childhood Idol Boris Becker winning his First Wimbledon title in 1985 he started Watching Tennis matches for Hours on Tv and thereby enrolled himself in the School Training.

3. Federer was Ranked World No.1 in Juniors level before Turning Pro




Roger Federer has played 6 ITF Junior Circuit Finals where he won 5 of them and 1 being Runner Up. In 1998 in his last year as a Junior Player he won Wimbledon Juniors Title and the Prestigious Orange Bowl. He was Recognised as the ITF World Junior Tennis Player of the Year in 1998.

4. Federer is a Father of Two Set of Twins and Uncle of another Set of Twins



Yes you Heard it Right Federer and Mirka are the Parents of 2 set of Twins Leo & Lenny, Myla Rose & Chaelene Riva. He is also the Uncle of another Set of Twins i.e. his Sister Diana also gave birth to Twins.

5. Defeating the King of Wimbledon and Occupying the Wimbledon Throne


In 2001 Roger Federer Defeated 7-time Wimbledon Champion Pete Sampras to reach the Semifinal of the Tournament and there by Landing his Footprint on the Center Court Arena.

6. Federer is Ranked inside Top 10 Since October 2002

roger-federer-continuing-at-no.-1-in-atp-rankings-1396090717Roger Federer holds a Record for being the World No.1 for 302 Weeks including 237 Consecutive Weeks.

7. He is the First Swiss Man to win a Grand Slam Title


Roger Federer holds several Records in Grandslams:

  • Roger Federer has won 17 Grand Slams. Most by any Male Player.
  • Roger Federer reached the Final of all the 4 Grand Slams atleast Five Times.
  • Roger Federer and Pete Sampras has won 7 Wimbledon Championships. A Joint Record.
  • Roger Federer along with Jimmy Connors & Pete Sampras has won 5 US Open Titles.
  • Roger Federer Reached 26 Grand Slam Finals, most by any one.
  • Roger Federer has reached 10 Consecutive Grand Slam Finals right from 2005 Wimbledon Chapionships to 2007 US Open (2005- Wimbledon, US Open. 2006- 4 Grand Slams. 2007- 4 Grand Slams)

8. Last Time Federer Missed a Grand Slam Tournament is Never


Yes Roger Federer holds a Recod for Most and Consecutive Grand Slam Apperances i.e 63 Apperances. i.e since 1999. ( Excluding the 2 times in 1999 where he didn’t qualify)

9. Roger Federer has Never Retired in the Mid way of a Match in his Entire Career Spanning more than 1000 Matches.

No Rtirement

10. This is Just an Insane Record



Roger Federer has a Unique Record of 105 Consecutive Points without a Single Unforced Error. This is why we call him Maestro. The above Pic was during the US Open match against John Isner.

11. Federer has Won atleast 1 Title since 2001


Roger Federer holds a Record for winning atleast 1 Singles Titles for 15 Straight Years. He is Tied up with Ivan Lendi.

12. Federer has a Record of Winning 24 Straight Finals


Right From October 2003 to September 2005, Roger Federer has won 24 Straight Finals beating the Previous 15 Straight Finals by Borg.

13. Federer has won 3 Grand Slam Titles in a Single Year 3 Times, The Rest of the ATP has done it only Three times so far


In 2004 , 2006, 2007 Roger Federer Managed to win 3 Grand Slams of the Year missing out French Open every Year. He has won 9 of his 17 Grand Slams in these 3 years only.


14. Roger Federer has won Everything in the World of Tennis

Right from winning ATP Masters Titles, ATP World Tour Finals, Grand Slams, Career Slam, Olympic Gold (Doubles), Olympic Silver (Singles), Roger Federer has won Everything. Finally he also Chased his Dream of Winning Davis Cup for his Country.

15. Roger Federer was Ranked 2nd for Most Admired & Respected People in World along with Nelson Mandela who was Ranked 1st


Roger Federer was Polled 2nd most Admired and Respected person around the world ahead of people like Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey.

16. In 2007 Swiss Government Released Roger Federer Stamp

In 2007 Roger Federer Became the First Living Switzerland Person to be Featured on a Swiss Stamp.

17. Roger Federer Foundation

Roger_Federer_Ethiopia2Federer Established Roger Federer Foundation in 2003 to help and promote access the Children for Education and Sports. He also arranged and played many exhibition matches and Donated to the Good Cause. He Auctioned his US Open Racquet to aid the Victims of Hurricane.

He also visited tsunami affected areas Tamil Nadu in December 2006.

Roger Federer is not only a Great Tennis Player but also a Great Human Being.

From the whole Team of Rajnikanth vs CID Jokes we Wish Roger Federer Happy Birthday, may he Entertain us for many more Years.


Image Source : Google Images

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