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17 Photos That Went Viral But Were Totally Fake


17 Photos That Went Viral But Were Totally Fake

Thanks to Photo Editing softwares, a huge amount of fake Photos is made by people just to have fun & sometimes make people think in a way they want them to. The professional photoshoppers do it in a way that, one looking at them will surely not find them fake. Here’s a compilation of some epic photoshopped photographs that went viral over the Internet.



1. 9/11 Tourist Photo

One of the most famous hoax photos ever captured, it was believed that this photo was taken from a camera at Ground Zero and later on people realized that it was fake.

2. Air France Flight 447

It was believed to be the photo taken just before Air France flight 447 crashed to the Earth but it was actually a pic from the TV series “The Lost”.

3. It Doesn’t Matter How Clouds Look But They Won’t Take This Shape.

It’s clearly a photoshopic mind’s creation.

4. Patricia Piccinini’s Art

It was believed that she threw Quran to the floor and she was turned into this creature, which isn’t the truth. It’s an art by Patricia Piccinini.

5. Dual Eyeballs

This is a classic example of phothoshop. You might have dual visions after getting drunk but this doesn’t happen either.

6. Baby’s Foot

This went viral on the internet but is totally fake.

7. India’s Pic On Diwali

It’s believed to be taken by a satellite from NASA but unfortunately it’s fake.

8. That’s A Joke-er

Well these are just the figures of the two (Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger).

9. Super-Moon In Dubai?

The image is actually photoshopped, the moon is taken slightly to the right side and the size is enlarged.

10. Obama & The Cigarette

Not sure if Obama smokes but surely, he won’t like himself on social media like that.

11. The Last Selfie

It was believed that this photo was taken by this guy just seconds before getting crushed. Well, he’s actually in his swimming pool.

12. Selfie-In-Air

This is clearly photoshopped. I mean how can one do this.

13. Shark Vs Helicopter

It just looks perfect but is fake.
shark v

14. It’s India Damn!

Not the best example of Photoshop but it has fooled many.

15. Fairy Pools Of Scotland

It looks to be original but is actually a photoshopped picture of Shotover River, New Zealand.
to do

16. Baby Polar Bear

I literally wish that they exist 🙂 but damn, this is a photoshopped pic.
baby bear

17. Rainbow Owl

It was claimed to be a sort of rare specie in China but is extremely photoshopped picture of a regular barred owl.
rainbow owl

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Image Source: Pinterest, Facebook, Google Images, Tumblr.

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