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20 Things Only Selfie Addict Girls Can Relate To


20 Things Only Selfie Addict Girls Can Relate To

Selfies. The apparent reflections of a narcissist world. #selfobsessed

In the world of Internet, selfies are the most expected area where girls, are forever trying to up the game. Here, we list the things that only girls that are extremely addicted to selfies can relate to. #TheAuthorIsSelfieObsessed

 1. Only you understand the importance of documenting a good hair day.

giphy (1)

Even if your hair behaves well most days, there are days its extremely well behaved, you know? Like the curls fall right, there is no frizz. Selfie is a must, how else will I look back on this day 20 years later and remember how beautiful my hair was?

 2. You take 99 selfies and you can’t use one.


There is something just not right about all the 99, even though they look almost the same. Its just, something is not right. My arm is photo bombing me.

 3. The one attribute you NEED in your smart phone is the front camera.


All you care is the great quality of front camera. You don’t care about the cores and the versions of OS and the processor. Watevs man. Give me 15 MP front camera, is it too much to ask?

 4. Bathrooms are addictive.


The yellow light. Oh, the yellow light. Yellow light lessens flaws and brings a glow. Only you know it, your friends think you are a typical girl. Bathroom selfies are popular for a reason, okay?

 5. Filter knowledge is important.


Education is important. Filter knowledge is importanter. Valencia add glow to the face, XX PRO helps bring a flavour of mistery.

 6. Instagram is your therapy.


Where else will you post the numerous selfies you take all day? The good morning, sunshine selfie? ‘Oh I look so flawless sitting here in class’ selfie, the ‘YAY I bought a new lipstick, its totally the same shade as the 30 more I own, but you HAVE to see this’ pout selfie, ‘The I am so effortlessly gorgeous, staring out of the window’ selfie? Haan? Instagram is the best thing that happened to mankind.

 7. Hashtag struggle is real.


#selfie #instadaily #happy #sunkissed. The number of followers and the quality of selfie are directly proportional. Also, #weekend gets your trending.

 8. You have selfies with all things imaginable.


Pets? Done. Adorable grandparents? Done. Bae? Ofcourse done.Babies? Done. Post workout? Done. Studying for exam? Done. #Died? Umm.

 9. Lighting is important.


Selfie lighting and angle, play an important role. You are ready to undergo the pain of weird neck angles to get the best lighting and cheek bone highlights. You are known to have a weird obsession with chandeliers, because #yellowlight.

10. You hoard photo editing apps.


VSCOCam. PicsArt. FotoRus. Retrica. Pixlr. Your phone has at least 5 photo editing apps any given time.  They understood you, they tempt you.

 11. Your social media is interconnected.


So you can share your selfie across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram all at once. The high you get on likes is so lovely. The combined likes on the same photo across social media? Priceless :’)

 12. You have your selfie face.


For group photos. You look pretty much alike in all group photos because you tilt your head in a weird angle and smile, adorably scrunching at the sun.

 13. You use props for enhancing.


Nerd frames, tiaras, flower headbands, feather earrings and more are to enhance your selfie-c beauty, you know.

 14. You unconsciously practice selfie pouts in the mirror.


You are most times caught making semi seductive pout faces in the mirrors. You believe this helps you eliminate the 98 of the 99 selfies you took. Your ‘Selfies’ album overflows otherwise.

 15. On that note, you have an album named ‘Selfies’.

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Which is obviously, full of selfies.

 16. Your friends are fed up of your selfie game.

fed up

They are so fed up, they don’t even photo bomb you anymore.

 17. When you are bored, you click selfies.

20 (2)

So basically, your beautiful mind and pout face is never really bored as long as you have good lighting and front camera.

 18. You know selfie basics.


1. Keep the phone at a higher position and tilt it a little.

2. When taking a group selfie, hand the cellphone to the tallest person.

3. If you look tired in the photo, crop your eyes off and increase brightness to abnormal levels. Congratulations, now you have a Tumblr-ish selfie.

4. There is no bad time to take a selfie – on bed, in bus, with family and friends, eating. Yes, if you are dieting, that deserves a sad faced selfie with the boring salad. Festival? #Desi #Jhumki

 19. Your friends are worried your lips will permanently turn to duck pose.


Though you also make fish faces, sparrow faces, I-look-ugly-lol-but-secretly-I-know-I-look-cute-as-hell faces, your friends believe you’ll mutate and your lips will stay pouted forever.

 20. At the end of the day, its always,


But first, let me take a selfie.

Fellow selfie addicts, you all agree with me? #StoryOfMyLife #SelfieAddict

Tag all the selfie addicts you know, nothing like an inspirational post to up the selfie game 😀

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