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5 Interesting Facts About Gujarati’s You Must Know!!

5 Interesting Facts About Gujarati's You Must Know!! RVCJ Media


5 Interesting Facts About Gujarati’s You Must Know!!

We all know Gujarati’s Are the most Cool Persons to have as a friend or Colleague , They are Sweet & Innocent.. Here are 5 Posters Which Depicts a Gujarati person.

1. Gujarati’s Are The Most Avid Travellers In The World


Ya ! Like Really They like to travel everywhere from Dharavi In Mumbai to Denmark in Europe they Are eager to Visit each and every place in the world like our PM does.. Ooops Sorry I forgot … He too is An Gujarati..

2. Dont Know Why ? But…


Ya Like . . Why the F*** do you consider yourselves Poor even with such Property ?? I Find a 4 Year Small Gujju Kid Going to His Play School in His Personal Sedan . . and I’m like . . Me iidhar 20 ka hoke bhi Activa pe ghum raha hu..

3. Gujarati’s Are Always On The Diet


If You have an Gujju .. friend then someday take him to some Restaurant he will act like he’z on a more strict diet than Deepika Padukone or King Khan… But when You see His Profile on facebook , You”ll always find his profile with posts ” Eating ” Farmhouse ” pizza at Dominoz with Raju Kaka , Urmila Masi and 6 Others ” … Or . . ” At the Thakkar’s Gujarati Cuisine … Eating Maharaja Thaali with Hardik Bhai and 4 Others … ” and Believe me They really do . . . And they Call it as Diet..

4. Business? Don’t Bet Us


The Biggest Example for this Are the ” Ambani’s ” from a small Petrol Pump to “Antillia” is the Standard of the Billionare’s … And Belive me Gujarati’s Work Like Hell even on Sundays .. Be it A Garment Shop or A Construction Site..

5. They Are The Most Excited Persons….


Having Gujarati Friend always is an Energizing thing . . They are Red Bull to Every Group.. You”ll never find them Regretting. . Be it Some of the Awkwardest thing you ask him or her to do…

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