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5 Mistakes That Were Made In The Movie KAABIL

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5 Mistakes That Were Made In The Movie KAABIL

Hrithik Roshan’s new movie KAABIL has been admired and appreciated by a lot of critics for his amazing acting and the story of the movie. Yami Gautam’s effort was much admired at the same time. However, it was this unusual story that stole the limelight as it was quite a fresh piece for Indian Audience. Two blind people falling in love and later on, one going for the revenge. But when someone directs such a movie, it is always a difficult task for him to make it a flawless one. There is no denying that Hrithik and Yami did their best to capture every essence of how visually disabled people live their life, but somewhere down the line, they did miss some points that would have made their film a perfect one.

So these are the mistakes that we feel were committed in the movie.

  • Hrithik wearing wrist watches.

    Yes, he was blind and she wore wrist watches. How is it possible for a visually disabled person to use a wrist watch since it is quite obvious that he or she can’t look at the time. Yes, Brail watch is a thing. But his wrist watch didn’t utter any time unlike how Hrithik’s watch did in the movie.

  • The couple dancing with utmost perfection.

    It’s not like Blind people can’t experience the joy of dancing, but it’s the perfection with which Hrithik and Yami Gautam executed their dance despite being blind. No wonder, one among them was Hrithik himself, the king of dance.

  • Hrithik SHOWING his love bite to Yami after their wedding night.

    Well, everything here is all good. But what’s the point of pointing out your hickey in front of another blind person who just can’t see it? Well, maybe that’s just a human psychology to point at things that you are excited about.

  • The Police Investigation Blunder

    Yes, at the end when the inspector confronts Hrithik to disclose his technique of murdering the villain, instead of recording the whole video of his tale, he just took a simple photograph and went ahead to confirm Hrithik’s identity to another person who was apparently a blind man too.

  • Hrithik’s lip sync ability despite being visually disabled.

    For a lip sync, one needs to see and observe a character’s lip when he is about to say anything. Hrithik had an amazing talent of changing his voice which was quite acceptable but syncing his voice and dubbing for cartoon episodes without any vision isn’t possible.

Well, this is it. I could just hardly find 5 mistakes from the movie as it was very well directed with thorough research along with just some few imperfection.

Disclaimer – The mistakes that I have pointed out were not written with an intent to hurt the feelings of my fellow visually disabled friends. I have a huge respect for them not because of their disability but because of the way they are living their lives and leading us with an example.

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