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5 Reasons Why ‘City Of Dreams’ Will Make You Ditch Everything On Your Watchlist


5 Reasons Why ‘City Of Dreams’ Will Make You Ditch Everything On Your Watchlist

Politics is in the air this summer with the elections going on; all we can talk about is politics only. Extravaganza election campaigns, constant leg pulling, press conferences, politicians are on a roll right now. It is amusing to see what power and money can do to a person. It is actually a hard-hitting reality of Mumbai’s political life. ‘ The City Of Dreams’ presented by Applause Entertainment on Hotstar Specials is just the amalgamation of all.

Hotstar is known for its wide content and now I think it will be known for this series, City Of Dreams.

With more and more Indian content coming up, we are always in question what to watch and what not to. So, we thought we will make it easier for you. Here is a list of reasons why everything on your watchlist can wait.

1. Politics

It’s a dirty game and we all enjoy it thoroughly, don’t we? Be it the fights or constant leg pulling or demeaning each other or the scandals, the list can go on. Politics is not just about ruling anymore, it’s about mind games, strategy, and planning plotting. City Of Dreams will fill you up with this taste.

2. Family drama

Loads of family drama, not the typical saas-bahu poisoning each other and fighting with each other for forever dumping. Good family drama. Cold blooded murders, revenge and of course the famous brother-sister rivalry that comes into play.

3. Cast

The cast is perfectly chosen for their suitable roles. They have given brilliant performances and for a moment you will find yourself slipping into their world.

4. Storyline

The story rotates around the Gaikwad Family, the trio of a father, a stubborn brother and a tempered sister. But things start getting interesting when the father gets shot and it’s a juggle between the siblings on who wins.

5. Relevance with real life

I think this is the most important thing on the list, there is no high-end unrealistic drama. The series is kept on grounds with strong roots running deep into the political family’s values and upbringing. We get a good insight into how realistic things can get when issues revolve around power.

Things are quite intense right now with the elections going on and the fever of politics is bang on. This series captures the essence of politics and Mumbai. Two of the most favorite words in a person’s dictionary.

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