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7 Veg Cuisines That Everyone Should Try

7 Veg Cuisines That Everyone Should Try RVCJ Media


7 Veg Cuisines That Everyone Should Try

Cuisine, a style or method of cooking that is characteristic to a particular country or region. Various cultures have their own kind of cuisines and each has their own specialty.

What’s so special about cuisines is each one is unique. All you foodies out there get a chance to experience the deliciousness that is served.

Let us have a look at some of the most delicious vegetarian cuisines that are bound to water up your mouth.

1) Japanese Cuisine.

Japanese Cuisines is one of the most delicious and best served cuisines in the whole world. It might be difficult for the first timers to find it but various dishes like Mochi, Tempura and Kushimono are hard to miss.

They are bound to wake your taste buds. If you get a chance, definitely gobble up these amazing dishes.

Another great thing about Japanese cuisine is that they are served cold most of the time so you don’t have to worry about your food getting cold.

2) South Indian Cuisine.
7 Veg Cuisines That Everyone Should Try RVCJ Media
You can’t miss this. South India has some of the healthiest and tastiest cuisines going around. The likes of Dosa, Idli and Sambhar are among the best prepared dishes in the world.

Another advantage of South Indian Cuisine is that it is very light. Even if you were to eat only south Indian for your entire life, you still wouldn’t be bored.

3) Italian Cuisine.

7 Veg Cuisines That Everyone Should Try RVCJ Media


Italian Cuisine has some of the best varieties of vegetarian cuisines. There are around 20 regions in Italy for vegetarian cuisines and each has a different cooking tradition.

Some of the Italian dishes you must try are Caprese Salad with pesto Sauce, Panzanella and Mushroom Risotto. Italy is indeed famous for some of its salads.

4) Mexican Cuisine.

Well, this is one underrated but delicious cuisine. Although it does not match the usual taste of other vegetarian dishes but it is a lot healthier.

It provides the right balance between taste and health. Some of the best Mexican dishes are Burrito, Taco, Tortillas and Mole.

When you order these dishes ask not to put meat on it and with a little less cheese they will be as tasty and healthy as it gets.

5) Turkish Cuisine.
7 Veg Cuisines That Everyone Should Try RVCJ Media
Turkish cuisine has some very fine spiced vegetables alongside delicious Ethiopian bread. Turkish cuisine has a touch of spiciness associated with it.

Alongside that Turkish cuisine is famous for its stuffed vegetables which come along with some lovely and fresh rice.

6) Afghani Cuisine.

Afghanistan really boats of having some of the spiciest and tastiest vegetarian cuisines. It is made with a variety of spices and tastes equally good whether you eat it with or without meat.

Some very popular Afghani cuisines are Kaddo which is a twice baked pumpkin appetizer and Ashak which is leak-filled ravioli.

7) North Indian Cuisine.
7 Veg Cuisines That Everyone Should Try RVCJ Media
This can’t miss the list. North India has some real mouth watering dishes. It includes Chhole Bhature, Amritsari Kulcha, Pav Bhaji and many others.

It may not be that healthy but if you are looking for having a cheat day, you have to definitely include some North Indian cuisine in it.

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