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8 Annoying Situations When You Meet Your Relatives..!!


8 Annoying Situations When You Meet Your Relatives..!!

I have always been afraid of my relatives because they somehow know how to make me scare with their horrible questions, These questions are actually looks like normal but when ‘YOU’ are the target person, in that case you will also experience the same that i do .

1.”Do you have a girlfriend ??”

Yeah !! thats what I call a real question but it doesn’t irritate , it just makes us sad, I think we should have powers to tell them that “Uncle me single hu” koi mast ladki hogi toh dilwa do 😛
In case you say you have a girlfriend, They inquire about everything regarding her


2. “When you are getting married??”

After hearing this question, I wish I could express my inner feelings of getting married soon.
Instead we just try to indicate ” mera bas chale toh 3-4 shaadiya kar lu” 😉


3.”Everyone You Meet In A Function Is A Doctor, You Just Have To Express Your Problems To Activate A Doctor In Them”


4.”Beta, how was your result ??

This is the very first and most dangerous questions ever..!! It doesn’t matter if their own kids are enjoying SUTTA and getting drunk, Their results cannot be seen , It’s only you who’s gonna face this question..!!


5.”Do you remember me ??”

This is some kind of a awkward question that is been asked mostly, when you go to any function suddenly a strange man appears and ask if you remember them or not..! “Tum 2nd standard me the tab mile the hum, Itne jaldi bhool gaye beta mujhe ?”, how could anyone remember things that have happened 18 years back ??


6.”Beta, How much do you earn ?”

No family function is complete without such idiots who always ask about the salary you get, You need to tell the exact amount and they will give you negative response until you tell them constant figure of salary.


Now lets see what situation girls go through..!

7.The Hilarious Advice Given To Every Girl And They Think The Marriage Is All About Preparing Round ROTI


8.Why Don’t You Lose Some Of Your Weight??
This is the most common question asked to girls, and I think this is the most irritating situation to them..


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